Down Syndrome Program

The Down Syndrome Program was founded in 1967, and is housed in the Developmental Medicine Center at Boston Children's Hospital.  The program is one of the oldest and largest of its kind, offering multidisciplinary health care for people with Down syndrome from birth until they reach age 22.  With each appointment, we are also able to make referrals and connections with any of the other specialty clinics at Boston Children's.  The Down Syndrome Program is more than a clinic, however. We strive to provide resources, advocacy, and supports to all families, depending on their individual needs.  

You can read more in our Program Brochure!  


Our very own Patient Liaison, Nathan Simons was featured on WBZ!  Nathan works 12 hours a week in our DS clinic and now has been hired 28 hours a week by the Developmental Medicine Center making him the first person with DS to be employed full time by our hospital!   Congrats Nate!  Watch segment here!


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Our Vision: All individuals with Down syndrome are physically and emotionally healthy, engaged at their highest capacity in school or vocation, have meaningful family and social relationships, and are valued members of their communities.

Our Mission: To partner with families, interdisciplinary providers, and researchers to evaluate, treat, and investigate medical, cognitive, neurodevelopmental, educational, mental health, behavioral and social needs of individuals with Down syndrome from the time of diagnosis until transition to adult care.

"Families often say their most exciting child is their child with Down syndrome."  quote from Dr. Allen C. Crocker, past Director of DS Program at Boston Children's Hospital.