For Nurses

The Mission of Nursing at Boston Children's Hospital

To provide the highest quality health care, be the leading source of research and discovery, educate the next generation of leaders in child health and enhance the health and well-being of children and families in the communities we serve.

Our Vision

Through relationship-based care and powerful partnerships with patients and families, Boston Children’s Hospital nurses and interprofessional teams serve as local, national and global leaders in shaping the science and delivery of safe and high-quality pediatric health care, while nurturing healthy work environments.

Our Values

  • Communication: Speak and listen respectfully, communicate clearly and respond thoughtfully and promptly to all patient, family and staff needs.
  • Collegiality: Work toward a common purpose in concert with interprofessional colleagues.
  • Excellence: Achieve the highest standards of performance and quality throughout the care experience.
  • Accountability: Hold ourselves and each other to high standards of performance and maintain responsibility for our own actions.
  • Teamwork: Foster interprofessional collaboration and synthesize clinical and nonclinical perspectives.
  • Innovation: Create novel and interprofessional approaches to advance the care and experience of patients and families.