Spinal Cord Injury Testing and Diagnosis

In many cases, the full extent of a child’s spinal cord injury isn’t obvious right away. That’s why it’s crucial that you obtain a diagnosis from a qualified medical professional as soon as possible.

Here at Boston Children’s, our trauma specialists will perform a comprehensive physical exam on your child and obtain a detailed account of how and where his injury occurred.

Next, doctors may order any or all of the following:

   •   blood tests
   •   X-rays, which use small doses of radiation to take pictures of a part of the body
   •   magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a combination of electromagnets, radio frequency waves and computers that
       takes two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of the spine and other body structures
   •   computed tomography (CT) scans, a non-invasive procedure that uses x-ray equipment and powerful computers
       to create detailed images of the spine, spinal cord and other body parts