Customer Service

Check-in made easier

Boston Children's Hospital's self-serve kiosks are designed to make your visit run quicker and more smoothly.

With our convenient kiosks you can

  • Check into an appointment
  • Print maps 
  • Make copayments

Kiosks are available in the Fegan building at Boston Children's, as well as the lobbies of select Boston Children's locations such as Martha Eliot Health Center, 333 Longwood Avenue and Boston Children's at Peabody.

Helpful Resources

We understand that a hospital stay can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming. As well as caring for a sick child, you’ve got to navigate payment and other practicalities. Here are some helpful resources, so that you can focus on the health of your child.

  • Medical Records to request a copy of your child's medical records.
  • Patient Billing to make a payment or ask a question about insurance or your bill.
  • Patient Relations is dedicated to addressing your health care concerns and can explain hospital policy and procedures and your rights as a patient.