Creative Arts Program

The Creative Arts Program is a collaboration between Child Life Services and the Art Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. We provide engaging, innovative and uplifting arts experiences that support our many patients and families throughout their hospital experience.

Our Programs

Draw cartoons! Be a DJ! Go on an “art treasure hunt”! Compose a song!

The arts in its many forms—visual arts, music, prose and poetry—creates a welcoming environment and provides opportunities for self-expression, connection and exploring ones identity.

A recent evaluation indicated that the arts at Boston Children's Hospital both decrease patient's perceived pain and significantly decrease both patient and family anxiety. Findings include:

* All responses are self-reported

In the News-The Art of Healing

"Art projects like this one pass the time, although Silvia aims to do more: She’s teaching Delila some of the same techniques she uses in her own studio. It helps shift the focus away from medical issues and back toward a sense normalcy." Read more..

Our Leadership

Kirsten Getchell is the Clinical and Program Manager for the Child Life Department at Boston Children’s Hospital. In her role, she oversees Music Therapists, Artists-in-Residences, Child Life Art Cart Staff and Seacrest Studio Staff. In addition, Kirsten works closely with the Laughter League Clown Program to ensure programming reach patients and families in inpatient settings, clinics, and throughout the hospital.

Elisabeth Gordon is the Art Program Manager at Boston Children’s Hospital. In her role, she oversees the many paintings, sculptures, and multi-media installations that brighten the lobbies, corridors, and patient rooms at Boston Children's Hospital. She especially enjoys helping patients and visitors find fun and meaningful ways to interact with the artwork.

Contact Us

To schedule a visit with one of our Artists-in-Residence or the Art Cart? Please contact your Child Life Specialist or email

To find out more about our visual arts program, or to inquire about donating a work of art, please contact Elisabeth Gordon at