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Below are some examples of art by our patients with the Creative Arts Program.

Frog Log

By Lacey, age 10

Once I met a frog

dancing on a log

who lived in a bog

and played iPad games with a dog.

In the fog

she liked to jog

and visit Planet Zog.

Every one said “boo!”

when the frog of Zog sneezed “achoo!”

Jeff blow a shoe.

Annie dreaming of dew.

“Do you live in a zoo?”

Let’s all swim to Peru

as we moo.

Jack the Collector

after Shel Silverstein

By Oliver, age 8


Jack the Collector collected old boots,

collected toy cars with broken wheels,

paper bags that are ripped,

stuffed animal eels with broken eyes.


Rusty boats that don’t work,

rags that are ripped

and way too big,

broken bath brushes used to clean pigs.


Pieces of tin that no one uses,

lollipop sticks that people threw out,

broken cell phones that don’t turn on

and shattered screens.


Jack loved these things

more than anything.

When they were around,

he felt like a king.

The Creation of Birds

Inspired by “La Creación de las Aves” by Remedios Varo

By Ameriah, age 17

Mother Owl speaks a song,

Whispering sweet vibrations from her heart.

The moonlight grants life,

The shimmering skyline giving flight.

Mother owl paints a picture,

Wisps of cerulean and silver from her brush.

The nighttime grants hope,

The little lights giving life.

Adversity Poem

After “Samurai Song” by Robert Pinsky

By D.J., age 17

When I had no taste, I made force my taste.

When I had no strength, I used adversity as strength.

When I was at my worst, I used text messages

as support and determination to be my best.

When I found myself pale and thin,

I used memories to pick myself up.

When medicine temporarily disabled my sight,

I used confidence and bravery as my vision.

When I was losing my hair, I remembered:

It happens to everybody getting treated.

When I found it impossible to eat for days at a time,

My parents guided me through to at least start to eat again.

When I hit rock bottom,

I saw prayer as my guardian.


By Kiara, age 23

A book of life, a book of secrets,

a book of two, a book of friends.

Many trails traveled, many memories they hold.

Every second, every hour, every day,

every week, every month, every year

a new flower blooms, petals will fall

and make these trails beautiful.

Different designs in a tree, curiosity.

A storage tree to go back in time

a special moment, "Do you remember dancing in this store?"

Every special time in each branch.

Footprints never fade,

a book, "Love of Trails."

Many empty spaces, yet

many more memories.

To be held, to be cherished

as a new trail begins. 

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