Principal Investigators

Nelson Aquino, CRNA, MS

Clinical Anesthesia

Patricia R. Bachiller, MD

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, neonatal chronic lung disease

Dusica Bajic, MD, PhD

Long-term effect of prolonged opioid treatment in developing brain; 

Charles Berde, MD, PhD Pediatric anesthesiology and the management of acute and chronic pain in children; Berde Laboratory

Aykut Bilge, MD, PhD

Post-operative pain management, regional anesthesia, quality assurance and database development.

Richard H. Blum, MD, MSE, FAAP

Patient safety, medical simulation, physician education, physician and OR team communications.

David Borsook, MD, PhD

Imaging Pain and Analgesia in animals, children and adults.  We evaluate brain and nerve plasticity in chronic pain, anesthesia and the effects of drugs; Center for Pain and the Brain (P.A.I.N Research Group)

Morgan Brown, MD, PhD

Outcomes based research  Data management  Quality and safety improvement  Medical Informatics

Roland Brusseau, MD

Anesthesia for fetal interventions; neonatal regional anesthesia; jet ventilation in the OR

Kathryn G. Commons, PhD

Neurobiology, serotonin, depression, drug addiction, autism, SIDS; Commons Laboratory

Douglas B. Cowan, PhD

Heart, Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells, Mitochondria; Cowan Laboratory

Joseph P. Cravero, MD

Outcomes Research for Anesthesia and Procedural Sedation.

James A. DiNardo, MD

Coagulation  Circulatory modeling  Echocardiography

Lynne R. Ferrari, MD

Perioperative Concussion

Susan M. Goobie, MD, FRCPC

Blood conservations strategies, Improving the Care for Children having Major Surgery involving significant Blood Loss, Craniofacial surgery, Neurosurgery,Scoliosis Surgery, Antifibrinolytic Treatment, PK Laboratory

Paul Hickey, MD

Brain injury  Simulation

Robert S Holzman, MD, MA (Hon), FAAP

Graduate Medical Education. Occupational health.  Closed circuit anesthesia.  

Constance S. Houck, MD, FAAP

Perioperative outcomes and Perioperative pain management

Victoria E Karian, CPNP

Headache, Pain

Barry D Kussman, MBBCh, FFA(SA)

Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Alyssa LeBel, MD

Migraine and headache disorders  Neuropathic pain

Donna F Luff, PhD

Communication and Relational Skills Education in healthcare; Qualitative Research

Michael L. McManus, MD, MPH

Public health systems, access to care

Arielle Mizrahi-Arnaud, MD

Fetal Cardiac Intervention  Clinical outcome data

Eric A Moulton, PhD

Neuroscience, cortical and subcortical mechanisms related to pain processing, functional magnetic resonance imaging

Viviane G. Nasr, MD

Health Services Research, Outcomes and Risk Modeling, Pharmacokinetics and Extracorporeal support

Andres Navedo, MD

Education, Inhaled anesthetics, Simulation

Robert C Pascucci, MD

Simulation; interpersonal communications (family/provider, interprofessional)

Luis M Pereira, PhD

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacometrics

James M Peyton, MBChB, MRCP, FRCA

Novel local anesthetic agents (Neosaxitoxcin)

Adrienne G. Randolph, MD, MSc

Sepsis, Acute Lung Injury, Influenza, Staphylococcus aureus, Immunobiology, Antimicrobial proteins and peptides, Influenza Vaccination, Pediatric Critical Care health services research

Mark A. Rockoff, MD

Neuroanesthesia; Medical History

Annette Schure, MD

In situ Crisis Resource Management Simulation and Education   Airway Management in cardiac patients

Navil F. Sethna, MD

Acute Pain  Chronic Pain and rehabilitation  Fibrinolytic therapy 

Jean C Solodiuk, RN, PhD

1. Pain Assessment in children with profound intellectual disability  2. Pain Assessment scores  3. Needle pain management in children

Sulpicio G. Soriano, MD

1. Anesthetic neuromodulation of the developing brain.  2. Neuroimmunology

Cornelius A Sullivan, MD, FACS

Safety and efficacy of pediatric regional blocks

Amy E Vinson, MD, FAAP

Physician Burnout  Physician Well-being  Curriculum design for addressing trainee wellbeing  Peer Support

Brian K. Walsh, RRT-NPS

Respiratory Care  Respiratory Education  Mechanical Ventilation  Data analytics   Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome  Asthma 

David Zurakowski, PhD

Surgical and anesthesia research, local anesthetics, synergistic combinations of medications of response, biomarkers, development of predictive outcome algorithms.