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The mission of the Experimental Therapeutics and Interventional Trials (ET/IT) Center is to provide exceptional support and service to investigators conducting interventional research, including clinical trials involving experimental therapeutics, with the goal of:

  • Developing novel curative therapies
  • Improving the health of children afflicted with illness
  • Translating basic research findings into novel therapeutic interventions.

The ET/IT Center achieves these goals by supporting all phases (Phase 0-IV) of interventional trial research involving both drugs or devices and can provide expert guidance in the following areas:

  • Design, conduct, and analysis of interventional trials and studies involving experimental therapeutics
  • Management of multi-institutional clinical trials
  • Support for FDA-regulated trials
  • Development of data safety monitoring plans and data safety monitoring boards or committees
  • Project management for planning and implementation of studies
  • Facilitating collaborative partnerships among key institutional programs and other Centers and Cores associated with the ICCTR.
  • Fostering collaborative relationships between clinical trialists and basic/translational researchers
  • Study monitoring for investigator-initiated studies
  • Supporting grant application and publication submission