Translational Research Program | Funding

The Translational Research Program (TRP) provides support for faculty-initiated research projects along with infrastructure to get these projects done in a fast and efficient manner while seeking to improve the care of children with serious diseases. The funding mechanisms offered by the TRP include:

  • Pilot Grants: Funds are available for a one year effort to pursue and validate innovative ideas
  • Core Grants: Funds are available for two-year efforts to advance research infrastructure and tools critical to translational research that can be accessed across many research disciplines
  • Career Development Award: Funds are available to support researchers as they conduct translational studies
  • Clinical Trials Grants: Funds are available to assist investigators in the execution of their early phase human trials
  • Translational Innovator Award: Funds are available to enable high-risk, high-reward innovative research
  • Retreats: Funds are available to foster interactions across the spectrum of research and clinical activities