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Michelle Bosquet Enlow, PhD

Michelle Bosquet Enlow headshot

Dr. Bosquet Enlow
, Principal Investigator of the BRL, is a developmental and clinical psychologist with specialized training in infant mental health (birth to age 5), the assessment and treatment of traumatic stress in children and adults, the development of child stress regulation, and the etiology and maintenance of anxiety. She received a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University (mentor Dr. Alice Carter) and a Ph.D. from the Developmental Psychopathology and Clinical Science program at the University of Minnesota (mentor Dr. Byron Egeland). She completed an internship in Clinical Psychology and a fellowship in Infant Mental Health at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (mentor Dr. Joy Osofsky) and an APA-accredited postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Psychology  through the Boston Consortium in Clinical Psychology (mentor Dr. Glenn Saxe). Dr. Bosquet Enlow is particularly interested in understanding how risk for mental health difficulties throughout life are established in early development. Ultimately, she aims to design interventions that support healthy development and prevent the occurrence of mental health problems, particularly in highly vulnerable populations.


Research Assistants 

Cassandra Svelnys

Clinical Research Specialist I

Cassandra received her BA in Psychology, with minors in Cognitive Science and English, from the University of Connecticut. She is interested in how different experiences, particularly adverse vs. supportive experiences, affect child development. Cassandra is currently investigating the intergenerational effects of maternal experiences in childhood and pregnancy on children's emotional and cognitive development and plans to continue this line of inquiry through a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology.


Michelle Huezo García, MPH

Clinical Research Specialist I

Michelle received her BA in Women's Studies, with a minor in Ethnic Studies, from UC Berkeley and her MPH in Maternal and Child Health from Boston University. She is interested in research related to the societal determinants (e.g., neighborhood opportunity, socioeconomic status, immigrant integration) of racial/ethnic inequities in health and advocating for equitable social policies and programs that impact women, children, and families. Her research interests include reproductive/sexual health, maternal health, and the well-being of children across the life course, specifically among Latinx, immigrant, and marginalized communities.


Michaela Gusman

Clinical Research Assistant II

Michaela received her BA in Psycholgy, with a minor in English, from Skidmore College. Michaela is interested in examining the mechanisms through which childhood trauma affects interpersonal schemas, the protective and ecological factors that contribute to resilience and recovery, and how intergenerational familial support interacts with child neurodevelopment and emotion regulation. In the future, Michaela hopes to extend this line of research toward informing community-based interventions for vulnerable youth populations.


Molly Cunnigham, MA

Clinical Research Assistant II

 Molly received her BS is Psychology, with a minor in Public Health, from Tulane University, and her MA in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology from Boston College. Molly's research interests focus on the influence of intergenerational stress on long term maternal and child health outcomes. She is particularly interested in the formation of mother-infant relationships, prenatal and postnatal mental health, and children’s physiological response to stress. In the future she would like to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on vulnerable children and families.


Helen Day

Clinical Research Assistant II

Helen received her BA in Psychology from Skidmore College. Helen is broadly interested in parental social and biological influences in the etiology and comorbidity of childhood anxiety and autism-spectrum disorders. Within the lab, she is particularly interested in the developmental trajectories of these disorders, specifically the intersection between maternal stress/trauma history, infant temperament, and early childhood symptomology. Helen looks forward to building on her understanding, and hopes to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Brian Benítez

Clinical Research Assistant I

Brian received his BA in both Biology and Art History from Williams College. Within the lab, Brian is interested in how environmental and psychological factors affect biological development. He is particularly interested in the mechanisms through which maternal stress and trauma affect child development on a genetic (DNA) level. Brian's career goal is to be a physician who always keeps in mind the environmental and social determinants of health.


Brenna Martinez

Clinical Research Assistant I

Brenna received her BA in Psychology from Williams College. She is currently involved in research that focuses on mental health among first generation immigrant mothers, and how lifetime experiences are related to their health outcomes. Brenna hopes to build a career in medicine that is focused on providing care to historically disenfranchised populations, specifically Latinx and immigrant populations.


Sophia Merelas

Clinical Research Assistant I

Sophia received her BA in Psychology, with minors in Spanish and Educational Studies, from Bates College. Sophia is interested in examining how different sociodemographic factors mitigate intergenerational stress and trauma. Sophia hopes to pursue a in PhD in Counseling Psychology with a focus on providing mental health care and education to traditionally underrepresented and marginalized populations.