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Mentoring Guidebooks

The Office of Faculty Development guidebooks for Mentors and Junior Faculty have been updated for 2018 - 2019 and highlight the importance of "Developmental Networks." These networks, which include one's Community of Mentors as well as colleagues, subordinates, mentees, family, and friends provide access to knowledge, opportunities, and resources across institutions and cultures.

2018-2019 Strategies for for Mentors
2018-2019 Successful Mentoring for Junior Faculty

Developmental Networks
Developmental Networks PowerPoint
Developmental Networks Exercise

2018-19 Mentoring Checklists
Mentee's Checklist for Clinicians
Mentee's Checklist for Researchers
Mentee's Checklist for Medical Educators
Mentor's Checklist for Clinicians
Mentor's Checklist for Researchers
Mentor's Checklist for Medical Educators

Resource Material

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Career and Faculty Development Center Collection

Located in the Boston Children's Hospital Library near the circulation desk, the Career and Faculty Development Center Collection supplies Boston Children's faculty with information on professional development. Included under this rubric are materials on honing essential skills, from grant writing techniques to mentoring medical students. New materials are added throughout the year, so stop by frequently!

Boston Children's Hospital Library