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Promotion to Assistant and Associate Professor (including Longer service criteria for Assistant Professor)
Speaker: Carol Bates, MD, HMS Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs

Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 5:30 - 6:30 PM, Folkman Auditorium in the Enders Building
This workshop will concentrate on outlining the criteria for areas of excellence pertaining to the HMS Assistant Professor and Associate Professor levels as well as some helpful tips on adapting the CV and the  criteria for promotion to Assistant Professor by Longer Service criteria.

Promotion to Professor
Speaker: Bethany Westlund, PhD, HMS Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs
Monday, February 24, 2014, 5:30 - 6:30 PM, Karp 8 Conference Room 
This workshop will concentrate on outlining the criteria for areas of excellence pertaining to the HMS Professor level as well as some helpful tips on adapting the CV. 

A Note on OFD Programs and Workshops 
Our workshop facilitators are faculty members and administrators from Children's and Harvard Medical School, as well as professional consultants, who have excellent track records in leading discussions. For announcements of new programs, watch your email, check the internal homepage, and read Perspectives.

Our recent programs and workshops include:

Promotion: sessions by Children's senior faculty and HMS administrative leaders on advancing within the clinician-teacher and investigator criteria

Orientation Luncheon for New Faculty with senior leaders

Faculty Development Month to highlight annual career conferences and work/life balance, among other support mechanisms

Scientific Writing: tips on writing journal articles and ending writer's block

Programs for URM Faculty and Fellows: quarterly lunch topics of interest; discussion of ongoing diversity initiatives; speakers; and networking

Medical Education Workshops: HMS Academy faculty sessions on teaching reflective practices and evaluating communications skills

Getting Funded Through the K Series: Clinical Research and Basic Science faculty focus on strategies and tips for applying to the NIH's K series grants

Preparing Your NIH Budget: Clinical Research Program discusses tips and techniques for managing the financial component of an NIH grant proposal

Leadership Development for Physician and Scientists: a 3-day session preparing junior leaders for additional leadership roles in academic medicine

Designing Surveys and Questionnaires: how to design an effective instrument

Restoring Work Life Balance: Consultant presents techniques and strategies

Mentoring Courses: mentoring skills, relationships, and systems

Scientific Innovation: Intellectual Property Office discusses how to turn an idea into a product and ethical standards

Running Effective Meetings: how to guide a meeting to reach its goals

Child-care Options: nanny or day care?

Family and Career Network: monthly lunches to discuss concerns and issues specific to families in academic medicine

Time Management: consultant presents strategies to reduce chaos by focusing on priorities, daily practices and preferences, and cultivating change

Negotiation: HMS Ombudsperson presents successful communication techniques in difficult professional situations

Presentation Skills: key components of strong scientific presentations