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Dr. McNamara is a pediatric urologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. She completed a 6-year urology residency at Duke University followed by a one-year fellowship in cancer survivorship and reconstructive urology at Duke University. Upon completion of this fellowship, she then completed a 3-year pediatric urology fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital. During that time she obtained her Masters in Public Health and completed a Health Services Research Fellowship at Harvard. Upon completion of her training, she accepted a position at Boston Children’s Hospital to assist with the spina bifida center, to perform complex reconstructive cases, and to help with transitioning care of adolescent/young adult patients with complex urologic conditions.

While both her clinical and research interests are primarily focused on the spina bifida population, she is also interested in other urologic conditions such as exstrophy, posterior urethral valves, disorders of sex development and complex hypospadias that need to be followed into adulthood. She first became interested in Transitional Urology during residency and spent her research time in fellowship developing projects to better understand the health care needs and utilization in this young adult population. She has done both qualitative and quantitative research studying health care transition and has looked at outcomes in surgery using both local and national databases. Dr. McNamara is passionate about establishing a transition program at her home institution. With her unique training in both adult reconstructive urology and pediatric urology, she is building fruitful collaborations with adult reconstructive providers to ensure that her patients get the care they need to lead productive and healthy lives.



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