Research Overview

Dr. Ozonoff joined Boston Children’s Hospital in June 2010 and was appointed Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School in April 2013.  He is currently Director of the Center for Patient Safety and Quality Research, part of the BCH Program for Patient Safety and Quality. His scientific research has focused on two major areas: (1) innovative statistical methods to support public health surveillance and monitor the population-level patterns of influenza and respiratory disease transmission; and (2) patient safety and quality research programs, including a nationwide initiative to improve oral anticoagulation therapy across the Veterans Administration health care system.  

About Al Ozonoff

Dr. Ozonoff’s methodological research develops innovative statistical methods to support and enhance public health surveillance, focusing on spatial, temporal, and spatio-temporal modeling of respiratory disease and surveillance methods.  He holds advisory roles with state and federal public health agencies including the Massachusetts Cancer Registry, the CDC Congenital Heart Disease Consortium, and the International Society for Disease Surveillance.

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Researcher Areas

  • Surveillance; Patient Safety
  • Healthcare Quality

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