Design and development of three-dimensional bioactive tissue constructs reproducing in vivo immune-physiology to provide fundamental insights into how vaccines, adjuvants, chemicals and biologicals, work in humans.


Dr. Sanchez-Schmitz has a dual-major in Chemistry and Biology, with a Masters Degree in Molecular Biology focused on Genetics and a Ph.D. in Immunology focused on Human Bioengineering. During his Ph.D. research work at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, he tested the effect of microphysiologic hypoxia on the autonomous development of dendritic cells from a human Tissue Construct. Thanks to his experience, he was invited to participate in a small biotech company funded by DARPA to develop a human model for Rapid Vaccine Assessment program. His successful work there produced many patents. After 5 years in industry, Dr. Sanchez-Schmitz was invited to join Dr. Levy at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard School of Medicine in 2010 where he was able to focus on his scientific passion: the design and development of human three-dimensional bioactive tissue constructs reproducing in vivo physiology. His new microphysiologic age-specific human Tissue Construct reproduces in vivo primary responses of neonates after in vitro immunization with licensed pediatric vaccines such as HBV, BCG, DTaP, PCV-13, and PCP. His work had helped to secure millions of dollars in grant money from sources such as DARPA, the NIH and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Sanchez-Schmitz is convinced that better, safer and more efficacious therapeutics for humans can be achieved by focusing pre-clinical selection of candidates on human cells under microphysiological conditions. His breakthrough work could provide fundamental insights into how vaccines, adjuvants, chemicals and biologicals, work in humans. His more than 15 years of relevant experience in cutting-edge scientific research developing predictable in vitro human models that fatefully and reproducibly recapitulate the in vivo physiology of targeted organs, have lead to several peer-review publications, patents, Standard Operating Procedures, grants and sponsored research agreements. “I am extremely honored with the opportunity of been part of Dr. Levy’s Precision Vaccines Program here at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard School of Medicine ---Dr. Sanchez-Schmitz”.

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