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The Children's Rehabilitation Center offers treatment for the following Specialties:

Developmental Pediatrics

We diagnose and treat children for a wide range of developmental concerns including all types of developmental delays, attention and hyperactivity disorders, learning problems and behavioral issues. Our Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics physicians are certified in diagnosing and overseeing treatment for children who need physical rehabilitation services, such as physical or occupational therapy. Because children’s rehabilitation needs can be very different from those of adults, it’s important to have these services provided under the direction of a pediatric clinician.

General Pediatrics

Our General Pediatric physicians have been living and working in the community for years. We pride ourselves on developing personal, trusting relationships with the children and families we care for — many of our families stay with us for several generations.

Our clinicians and staff are always available to answer questions or provide extra support when your child is injured or sick. We also provide routine preventive care to keep your child healthy.

Neonatology (Division of Newborn Medicine)

Physicians at the Division of Newborn Medicine are focused on finding ways to improve care for newborns through clinical research and innovative techniques. We are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality patient care and research to our patients and the greater community.

We are especially interested in improving care for premature infants — including those born as early as 23 weeks gestation. Our research projects at the Regional Neonatal Center give these tiny patients and their families an opportunity to receive new treatments not available at community hospitals, or even at other major medical centers. We run a network of neonatal intensive care programs at 11 hospitals and coordinate the largest High Risk Neonatal Follow-up Program in New York State.

Through our formal collaboration with the Lower Hudson and Mid-Hudson Valley Perinatal Networks, to improve access to care we have treated for more than 20,000 sick or premature newborns since 1985.

Neonatal Follow-Up Program

Our Neonatal Follow-Up Program provides follow-up assessment for babies who may be at risk for developmental, speech or growth delays. These include babies born prematurely, those cared for in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), those with heart disease or respiratory or neurological problems, and those exposed to drugs or alcohol.

Through our program, we monitor the development of these at-risk babies to make sure any problems are diagnosed and treated early. We also help parents coordinate any additional services their baby may need and provide a copy of our evaluation to the baby’s pediatrician.