Meet the Staff Clinical Ethicists

Julie Friedson headshotJudi Friedson, RN, MS

Clinical Ethicist

Judi Friedson is a clinical ethicist at Boston Children’s Hospital and an Ethics Consultant at Tewksbury Hospital. She began her career in ethics in the mid-1980s as a founding member of the ethics committee at the University of California, San Diego.

In addition to a master’s degree in health communication, Judi has completed a fellowship in medical ethics at Harvard and ethics training at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the Kennedy Institute at Georgetown University. A former writer for Ethical Currents, a publication of the Center for Health Care Ethics in Orange, California, Judi has also written for Nursing Spectrum, Critical Care Nurse, and Baystate Nurse News.

Charlotte Harrison headshotCharlotte H. Harrison, PhD, JD, MPH

Director, Office of Ethics
Ethics Advisory Committee Co-Chair

Charlotte Harrison is Hospital Ethicist and Director of the Office of Ethics at Boston Children’s Hospital, where she also co-chairs the Ethics  Advisory Committee with Jeffrey Burns, MD, MPH, Chief of Critical Care. The Office of Ethics provides ethics-related resources to the hospital’s patients, families and staff. In her work with the office, she has led a range of these efforts, including ethics education, case consultation, and policy development and review. She has also served as director of the hospital-wide literature and medicine program and has co-chaired organizational ethics task forces addressed to issues in the provision of extracorporeal life support (co-chair: Ravi Thiagarajan, MD) and the conduct of organ donation after circulatory death (co-chair: Peter Laussen, MBBS).  With James Sabin, MD, she currently co-chairs the Organizational Ethics Interest Group at the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School.

Before entering the field of bioethics, Charlotte graduated from Harvard Law School and practiced law for 15 years, both at private firms and in the Office of Technology Affairs at Massachusetts General Hospital. She returned to Harvard for masters-level training in ethics and public health. She completed her PhD in May 2014, with a dissertation addressed to the ethics of professional collaboration in conditions of uncertainty. She has taught public health ethics at the undergraduate level. She has been a Fellow in Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School and has served on the Institutional Review Board of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Her bioethics-related writing has been published in the American Journal of Law and Medicine, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, and Transplantation Proceedings.

Kerri O. Kennedy, MA, BS, RN

Clinical Ethicist

Kerri Kennedy is a clinical ethicist at Boston Children’s Hospital.She received her Bachelor’s in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts in 1995 and her Master’s in Bioethics and Health Policy from Loyola University in 2014. At Boston Children’s, Kerri leads interdisciplinary teams providing ethics consultation addressed to a wide range of complex ethical issues in pediatric health care. She also provides unit-based education and support for clinicians and parents requesting assistance with specific ethical issues arising in day-to-day patient care. Kerri also participates in the development and revision of ethics-related institutional policies.She is a member of the Boston Children’s Ethics Advisory Committee, which peer reviews the clinical ethics activities at the Hospital and provides a diverse forum for ethical discussion and reflection. 

In addition, Kerri participates in various activities through the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School. There, she is a member of the Attorney-Bioethicist Working Group and the Harvard Ethics Leadership Group. She has also participated in the Task Force on Ethical Issues in Emergency Preparedness and has presented her work at the monthly Harvard Clinical Ethics Consortium.Prior to joining the ethics team at Boston Children’s, Kerri’s practice specialties as a Registered Nurse included bioethics, clinical education, post-anesthesia care, and surgical trauma critical care.

Lisa Taylor, JD, MSLisa Taylor, JD, MS

Clinical Ethicist

Lisa joined the Office of Ethics as a clinical ethicist in March 2017. In that role, she provides formal consultations where ethical issues arise in clinical practice. Lisa also facilitates clinical team meetings providing a forum for discussion and resolution of ethical dilemmas in clinical practice, provides ethics education through unit based interdisciplinary ethics rounds as well as at other educational forums, and provides ethics support to clinicians and parents at the bedside. Lisa also assists in drafting and revising ethics related hospital policies. In addition, Lisa serves as a member of the hospital’s Ethics Advisory Committee, the Harvard Center for Bioethics Attorney-Bioethicist Working group, and the Harvard Ethics Leadership Group. She serves as Co-Chair of the Ethics Advisory Committee of Care Dimensions Inc., a leader in hospice and palliative care serving the Greater Boston area and the North Shore.

Prior to joining Boston Children’s Hospital, Lisa worked as an attorney specializing in family law, and she also served as a guardian ad litem in the Probate and Family Court. Lisa received her undergraduate degree from Union College and her law degree from Albany Law School. She received a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Bioethics from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in 2016.

Julissa Martini

Sr. Administrative Associate