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Community Benefits Contributions | Overview

Community Benefits are investments by hospitals and Health Maintenance Organizations that further their charitable mission of addressing their communities’ health and social needs.

Each year, Boston Children’s Hospital reports to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (AGO) about the amount invested by the hospital to support community benefits and community health efforts. Each regulatory agency has guidelines for what counts and can be reported as the activities, benefits, and programs provided to the public, also referred to as community benefits, by a nonprofit hospital.

Boston Children's community benefits reported to the Internal Revenue Service


  FY17 FY18 FY19
Total Charity Care 127.7 145.7 155.1
Community Health Improvement Services 5.8 5.9 5.7
Health Professional Education 32.2 35.9 33.8
Subsidized Health Services 5.6 3.2 7.0
Research 11.9 19.2 17.5
Cash and In-Kind Contributions 1.7 1.7 8.1
TOTAL 184.9 211.8 227.1
Percentage of Total Expenses 10.45% 11.30% 11.56%
* — Amounts represented in chart are in millions.

For details on the IRS guidelines, visit

Boston Children's community benefits reported to the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office

  FY19 FY20
Chronic Disease 496K 834K
Housing/Homelessness 1.02 995K
Mental Health 6.86 6.97
Additional Needs 43.16 48.32
Total Charity Care (AG Defined) 11.431 9.504
TOTAL 62.9 66.6
Patient Service Revenue 1.4B 1.27B
Percentage of Total Patient Service Revenue 4.51% 5.25%
* — Amounts represented in chart are in millions unless otherwise noted.

For details on the Attorney General’s Office guidelines, visit

Read a copy of Boston Children’s FY19 report to the Attorney General here.