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What is a non-ossifying fibroma?

A non-ossifying fibroma is a benign (non-cancerous), non-aggressive tumor that consists mainly of fibrous tissue. It usually occurs in the thighbone or shinbone but may also occur in the upper extremities.

  • A non-ossifying fibroma usually produces no symptoms.
  • It usually resolves by itself.
  • It never spreads.
  • Its cause is unknown.
  • It's often discovered by chance on an x-ray.
  • Surgery is only necessary of it causes a fracture or weakens the bone.

What is the long-term outlook for a child with a non-ossifying fibroma?

Prognosis for a non-ossifying fibroma is generally good. Most of these fibromas heal spontaneously by the time the skeleton ceases to grow. Surgery is an option for those that weaken the bone. A schedule of follow-up care should be determined by your child’s physician.

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