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FAQs | Overview

How do I apply?

Apply for our ACGME accredited fellowship in pediatric surgery through the Electronic Resident Application Services (ERAS).
The following materials are required to complete your application:

  •  Curriculum vitae
  • Personal Statement
  • In training and medical school related transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation

Are international applicants accepted?

Our Pediatric Surgery Fellowship is exclusively through the ERAS match system which requires completion of General Surgical training for American or Canadian Board of Surgery eligibility.

Are you allowed to moonlight as a fellow?

Pediatric Surgery Fellows at Boston Children’s Hospital are not permitted to moonlight.

What is your accreditation status?

Our status is continued accreditation.

Does your fellowship offer any type of wellness program for the fellows?
Yes, once a month we host wellness lectures and activities for our fellows. We tailor activities to the interest of our current fellows. In addition, you will receive the second Wednesday afternoon of every month off. 

Does the program support the fellows attending professional meetings and courses?
Yes, while you are a fellow you will be sent to a variety of meetings and courses such as the Pediatric Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction Conference.

Am I “protected” while on call?
Yes, you will receive malpractice insurance through Boston Children’s Hospital.

What are your case volumes? 
Below are the Department of Surgery case volume numbers:

What’s my salary?
Your salary is $120,000.

What is the call schedule like for the pediatric surgery fellow?
The pediatric surgery fellow does not take in house call. The pediatric surgery fellow takes home call which counts toward the 80 hour work week limit. In general, the fellow work Q3 and works every third weekend.

How do I log in my work hours? 
The pediatric surgery fellow will log their duty hours on New Innovations. Fellows may not work more than 80 hours per week when averaged over 4 weeks. Home call needs to be reported only as a total amount of time. It is not necessary to log each individual call or work item.

How much vacation time do I receive?
The pediatric surgery fellow will have two weeks vacation each year.