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Are you using social media? So is Boston Children's Hospital! Check out our active online communities and join in on the conversations. We'd love to hear from you. 

We encourage open discussions and look forward to any comments, stories, and experiences you want to share. Before you post, make sure you read our social media policies.



Boston Children's Hospital
The official Facebook page for Boston Children's Hospital, providing all of the latest news, stories and information.


Augmentative Communication Program
A supportive page for families, children and adults who are non-speaking or whose speech is severely impaired.


A community for deaf and hard of hearing children in New England.


BCH Diabetes Program
A page that helps families manage type 1 diabetes in children, adolescents, and young adults.


BCH Stem Cell Program
A place to bring together top physicians from around the globe to form one of the best stem cell research units.


Boston Children’s Hospital Young Professionals (BCHYP) is a page that fosters networking and professional development for young adults.


Benderson Family Heart Center
A supportive community for congenital heart defect patients and families.


Blood Donor Center
This page provides real-time information about how you can donate blood to Boston Children's patients.


Boston Children's Hospital Broadcast
A page for the Boston Children’s Hospital Dissemination Council where they share articles, posters, podium presentations, and webinars.


Boston Hemophilia Center
A supportive community for patients with hemophilia and other blood disorders.


Celiac Kids Connection
A supportive community for celiac patients and families.


Center for Young Women's Health
A page that empowers teen girls and young women around the world to take an active role in their own health care.


Child Life Services
A community that aims to assist and support patients and families in their adjustment to the hospital.


Digital Wellness Lab
This page educates and empowers children and families to create/consume media that promotes health/development.


Down Syndrome Program
A supportive community for Down syndrome patients and families.


FNNDSC at Boston Children's Hospital
The Fetal-Neonatal Neuroimaging and Developmental Science Center is a page that offers support to surrounding patient families.


Food Allergy Program
A supportive community for patients and families with food allergies.


Healthy Family Fun
A collaborative program with Kohl’s that promotes fun, low-cost activities and resources to help families get active and stay healthy.


Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) Program (Private Facebook Group)
A Facebook group community through which HPN patient families are encouraged to seek, share and support each other with relevant information.


Injury Prevention Program
This page provides research and information to prevent injuries in children.


Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience
Informs patient families of research for the healthy growth and development of children.


Milagros para Niños
Miracles for Children supports clinical care and medical research to serve Hispanic children at Boston Children's Hospital.


Neuroscience Center
A supportive community for patients and families treated by our Neurology and/or Neurosurgery team.


NICU Families
A community for families to share their experience and journeys after they have been discharged from the Boston Children’s Hospital NICU.


Nursing Education at BCH
A team that provides professional development for interprofessional clinicians in a lifelong career.


Program for Research Assistant Development and Achievement (PRADA)
PRADA is a supportive, inclusive learning community for research assistants, coordinators, and other young professionals at Boston Children's Hospital.


Rett Syndrome Research Program
A program for Rett Syndrome researchers at Boston Children's Hospital.


Robert’s Program Bereavement Support Group
This page offers a secure environment for families enrolled in Robert’s Program to share, support, and network.


Spina Bifida Center
A supportive community for spina bifida patients and families.


Sports Medicine
An informative page for patient families of clinical care for athletes and dancers of all ages.


The Creative Arts Program
A program for patient and families to help heal using video, creative writing, and the visual arts.


A support page for pediatric solid organ and stem cell transplant patient families.


Young Men's Health
A page that provides carefully researched health information to teenage boys and young men.





Boston Children's
The official Twitter feed for Boston Children's Hospital, providing all of the latest news and information.


BCH Archives
A community that aims to preserve and share the historical records of Boston Children’s Hospital.

BCH Medical Library
A place to support the informational needs of Boston Children’s Hospital.

Blood Donor Center
A Twitter feed that provides information about how you can donate blood to Boston Children’s patients.

Boston Children’s Benderson Family Heart Center
A page for members of the heart community to share their experiences and insights.

Boston Children's Innovation News
A Twitter feed dedicated to pediatric health care innovation news and developments.

Boston Children’s Newborn Medicine
A community for medical practitioners in Boston Children’s Hospital Division of Newborn Medicine.

Boston Children’s Office of Immigration Services
A Twitter feed that provides information and updates on Boston Children’s Office of Immigration Services.

Boston Children’s Radiology
An educational account for radiology news and research.

Boston Children’s Stem Cell Program
A page that focuses on finding the key to treatments for currently untreatable or incurable diseases.

Boston Children’s Technology & Innovation Development Office (TIDO)
A page that highlights new technologies, industry trends, and events.

Center for Young Women’s Health
A page that provides insight and resources for young women.

The Boston Children’s Hospital Computational Health Informatics Program Twitter for multidisciplinary applied research and education.

Cleft and Craniofacial Center
A Twitter feed that provides support and information for patient and patient families in the Cleft and Craniofacial Center.

Dana Farber/Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center
A supportive community handle for cancer and blood disorder patient families.

Digital Wellness Lab
A page that focuses on the relationship between media and children’s health.

Division of Infectious Disease
A page to share updates and the innovations of the Infectious Disease Team.

Help Kids
Boston Children’s Hospital Trust and a community committed to helping kids.

Manton Center Gene Discovery Core
The center for understanding rare diseases and undiagnosed conditions.

Office of Faculty Development
A Twitter feed to support current faculty.

Open Pediatrics
OPENPediatrics™ is an innovative education platform designed to share resources for the care of ill children and deliver advanced training.

Pulmonary Clinical Research
A supportive community for pulmonary health care providing news and ongoing clinical trial information.

A Twitter feed that promotes Boston Children’s Simulator Program.

Sports Medicine
The official Twitter feed of the Division of Sports Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital.

Young Men’s Health
An informational page for young men to find support and insight.




Boston Children's Hospital
The official YouTube channel for Boston Children's Hospital.


Boston Children's Hospital Trust
The official Boston Children's Hospital Trust YouTube channel.





Boston Children's Hospital
The official Linkedin company page for Boston Children's Hospital sharing the latest news and innovations from the hospital.




Boston Children's Hospital
The official Instagram page for Boston Children's Hospital sharing photos and videos of patients.

Transforming Tomorrow
The official Instagram page for Transforming Tomorrow, expansion and renewal projects at Boston Children's Hospital.



Boston Children's Hospital
The official Pinterest page for Boston Children's Hospital, sharing news, blogs, pictures and tips.