Chef's Playground

Boston Children’s Hospital’s Fresh Food Court will be opening this summer, featuring its signature brands, Chef’s Playground and Guilt Free Grill as well as the inclusion of Starbucks, Regina Pizzeria, Subway and Salad Creations. Additional features will include:

Chef’s Playground is a revolutionary culinary transformation station that supports community wellness, world class chef innovation and education bound by promotion of good nutrition while supporting local sustainable practices.

During lunch hours, at Chef’s Playground located within Boston Children’s Hospital’s Fresh Food Court, you can find Boston Children’s own talented chefs alongside local, national and international chefs creating new and innovative foods for the patients, parents and caregivers. Nutritional culinary delights will feature local and seasonable ingredients. Chefs will educate guests on the use of minimal ingredients to reduce allergens and promote sustainable wellness.

During afternoon hours at Chef’s Playground, these same artistic chefs will offer culinary cooking academies. Patients, families and staff will have the opportunity to participate in interactive demonstrations on how to make nutritious culinary choices that may be can be recreated at home.

Another feature of the offerings at Chef’s Playground will be Parent Night Out. Parents of long term stay patients, three months or more, will be invited to enjoy an elegant night “out” with a four course meal prepared by Boston Children’s own capable chefs. These meals will be a means of giving back to the parents who are unable to leave the hospital grounds due to the severity of their child’s condition. As with all meal offerings prepared in the Chef’s Playground, the Parent Night Out menu will be made with locally sourced sustainable products that focus on health and nutrition.