Preparing Your Child and Family for a Visit

Coming to the hospital can be a scary experience for children of all ages. Research has illustrated that adequate and developmentally appropriate preparation can improve experiences for children and families. Child life specialists are available to provide one to one consultation in preparing your child for a hospital visit.  Contact a child life specialist

Here are some basic tips for talking with your child about their upcoming hospital visit. 
  • Be honest- providing developmentally appropriate explanations can create predictability and trust.
  • Provide sensory information- describe what your child will hear, see, and feel during their visit.
  • Use familiar and non-threatening language (e.g. the doctor needs to check your temperature to take care of your body).  


Additional resources for preparing children for a hospital stay are listed below.

Utilize My Hospital Stories- visual stories created by child life specialists and medical staff to prepare children for specific hospital experiences.