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The Adolescent Medicine Complex Diagnosis Consult Program is a consultative service that we offer to patients with a variety of special needs. We work collaboratively across disciplines to support families and their medical care needs. We have a team of providers who have special training on how to work with adolescents. We conduct in-depth assessments and provide support to patients, families, and referring clinicians. In an effort to provide the best and most comprehensive care, we work closely with experts from a variety of departments throughout Boston Children’s Hospital. Our providers take special care to integrate and translate the information that other specialties have given our patients and help with functionality.

Consultative care for:

Complex care includes:

  • patients with multiple severe medical conditions, such as cerebral palsy, renal failure, history of organ transplant, technology dependent
  • patients who have multisystem medical conditions
  • severe single system medical condition
  • a medical condition and a behavioral health diagnosis

Your adolescent/young adult would be a good fit for this program if the patient:

  • would like someone to assess their health concerns through the adolescent medicine focus
  • needs support with dealing with chronic symptoms
  • would like to improve functionality and symptoms

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