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Your Visit | Overview

After a few initial questions to assess your child’s symptoms, we will ask you to send your child’s medical records, MRI images, and results of previous genetic and cardiac testing (if available) before scheduling an appointment, so we can review them fully before your appointment. This helps us determine whether our C-BrDG Clinic is an appropriate program for your family. If your child has not yet had MRI brain imaging or has never been evaluated by a geneticist, we can talk with you about how to do that.

During your visit, we will discuss with you the spectrum of heart disease associated with periventricular nodular heterotopia (PVNH) and answer your questions. We will help you and your family diagnose any issues and work in collaboration with your other physicians to monitor any findings.

Please see the contact us page for information about sending us your child’s records.

General information

You can find general information about coming to Boston Children’s Hospital here.