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The experienced physicians in the Center for Healthy Elimination and Bladder Rehabilitation (CHEER) at Boston Children’s Hospital provide nonsurgical care for common pediatric urology problems. We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment of issues such as:

Our approach to care for bladder and urinary dysfunction in children

We understand that urinary problems can be stressful and embarrassing for kids and parents alike — but you’re not alone. In fact, urinary dysfunction is one of the most common reasons that families are referred to a pediatric urologist. According to some estimates, nearly a fifth of children over age 5 experience issues with bladder or urinary tract dysfunction. Fortunately, many urologic conditions in early childhood can be treated with conservative, nonsurgical approaches.

CHEER is the only program in which pediatricians work alongside urologists. This allows us to focus on both urologic and general medical reasons for urinary difficulties. In addition to these experts in children’s urinary health, our support team includes nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, psychologists, and other experts from various disciplines, all with one goal: to help your child achieve continence, prevent accidents, and stay dry.

First, our team will evaluate your child to make sure that a more serious underlying medical or surgical issue isn’t responsible for their urinary problems. Then, we’ll work with your family to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your child’s individual needs, answer your questions, address your concerns — and guide your family through this process with skill, compassion, and empathy, every step of the way.

Types of urinary testing offered

No one likes to undergo uncomfortable tests — especially children. At CHEER, we rely primarily on non-invasive tests whenever possible, so your family can get answers about your child’s urinary concerns without unnecessary discomfort. These include:

Nonsurgical treatment options for pediatric urinary problems

At CHEER, we care for children whose urologic conditions don’t require surgery. Your child’s care team will create a personalized treatment plan, which may include a combination of educational, medical, behavioral, and rehabilitative approaches to help resolve their urinary problems. These include:

  • Urotherapy (education, instruction, lifestyle advice, and counseling)
  • Pelvic floor muscle therapy
  • Medications, as deemed necessary

Easy access to your urology care team throughout Massachusetts

When your child has a urinary problem, you want answers as soon as possible. Contact us at one of our multiple locations in the Greater Boston area. Your family doesn’t have to wait long for an appointment with one of our CHEER physicians. And for many follow-up appointments, virtual visits are an option — so you and your child can meet with your care team from the comfort of your own home.