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About the program

The Infantile Spasms Program at Boston Children’s Hospital cares for children with infantile spasms, a type of seizure that occurs in babies. The spasms most often begin between 3 and 8 months, but can start any time before age 1. The seizures don’t last long — often 1 to 2 seconds — and may occur in clusters.

In most cases, infantile spasms usually stop by age 4 or 5, but the child may start having other types of seizures. Babies with infantile spasms may also have developmental delays or autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Our depth of experience in infantile spasms

Our clinicians in the Infantile Spasms Program have much experience caring for children with this specific type of seizure. We provide clinical and research expertise including:

  • expedited evaluation of babies with suspected infantile spasms
  • the most effective treatments for infantile spasms
  • consultations for starting the ketogenic diet
  • surgical options for children who need surgery
  • a comprehensive genetic and metabolic evolution
  • standardized development assessment and early recognition of signs of ASD
  • access to a range of support services, including social workers and nursing
Young girl with red hair pulled up smiles while sitting down.

Writing the book on infantile spasms: Charlotte’s story

This mom wanted to pay it forward, so she put pen to paper and wrote a children's book about infantile spasms.

How we care for infantile spasms

The Infantile Spasms Program is dedicated to providing timely evaluation, testing, treatment, and follow-up for infants with new infantile spasms, refractory infantile spasms, and later-onset epileptic spasms. We offer a full range of epilepsy care, including medication-based and dietary treatment for spasms.

Our center performs epilepsy surgery in eligible children of all ages, including infants.

We are a Level 4 epilepsy center, recognized by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers, and one of the few Level 4 epilepsy centers in the country dedicated to caring for children. Our center performs epilepsy surgery in eligible children including infants.

Why choose the Infantile Spams Program?

When you choose the Infantile Spasms Program at Boston Children’s, your child will receive comprehensive care from a team of experienced clinicians who specialize in caring for children with seizures. Our team includes neurologists, neurology and epilepsy nurse practitioners, social workers, and a neurodevelopmental disabilities specialist.