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The Pediatric and Adult Oculoplastic Service at Boston Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive evaluation and correction of the eyelids, orbit, and lacrimal system in babies, children and adults of all ages. Oculoplastics, or oculoplastic surgery, is literally plastic surgery of the eyelids.

The two most common conditions we treat are congenital ptosis (drooping eyelids) and congenital tear duct obstruction. Congenital ptosis is not usually a cosmetic problem in children, but it can actually cause vision loss if the eye is completely blocked by a drooping eyelid. Tear duct obstruction is even more common. About 5 percent of all infants have an immature tear drainage apparatus and have tearing soon after birth.

Our expertise

  • Our highly experienced pediatric ophthalmologists are known nationally for handling the most difficult cases.
  • On occasion, our surgeons team up with other specialists at Boston Children's to treat tumors or congenital deformities that affect a child’s entire face.