Current Environment:

Your child’s first visit to our clinic will include a comprehensive evaluation by both Dr. Adil (otolaryngologist) and Dr. McDonald (allergist). A typical appointment takes 90 minutes, so please plan accordingly.

Please be prepared to check in at the the Sinonasal Clinic, located at 333 Longwood Ave., third floor, at least 20 minutes prior to your child’s scheduled appointment. After the check-in process is complete, your child will have her allergy testing.

We ask for any adult attending a visit at Boston Children’s please have a photo ID on them. Adults may be asked to show photo ID prior to entering the hospital.

Preparing for your child’s appointment

In order to perform allergy testing, certain medications need to be stopped:

  • Antihistamine medications must stop two weeks prior to this visit.
  • Benadryl usage must stop three days prior to this visit.

If you have any questions about what medications need to be stopped and when to stop them, please contact us.


Allergy skin testing typically takes about 30 minutes. Most patients can safely and comfortably undergo allergy skin testing, but some require alternative testing methods, such as the radioallergosorbent test (RAST), a type of allergy blood test.

Next, you will be directed to check in at the Sinonasal Clinic. Here your child will be seen by the allergist and otolaryngologist and undergo a thorough history and physical exam.

The physical exam may include a nasal endoscopy, which involves the use of a small camera. This camera views the entire nasal passage for issues such as polyps, inflammation, mucous, and adenoid enlargement. It is generally well tolerated in all age groups.

This evaluation typically takes one hour.

After a thorough evaluation, your team will develop and discuss a management plan with you and your child.