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Research Studies | Overview


The Celiac Disease Program has a number of active studies.

Our largest project is investigating a new device that is used at home to detect gluten exposures in stool or urine. We are interested in understanding how the use of this device influences adherence to the gluten-free diet and quality of life. This study also aims to help us understand how many of our patients may be getting exposed to gluten, even when the exposures may have gone unnoticed.

We are actively recruiting patients for a celiac disease biorepository and data registry. Storing samples and collecting health information will enable us to speed up health research and gain better insights into the biological, environmental, and behavioral factors that influence celiac disease.

There are additional research opportunities for parents and patients over 18 years old to participate in research. Dr. Jocelyn Silvester collaborates with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center celiac disease research center.