Current Environment:

*The Biobank Core is now open. Please review our new COVID-19 standard operating procedures before booking or arriving to the core.

Our mission

The Biobank Core Lab was created to provide researchers with a comprehensive solution for sample collection, sample and data management and sample processing. In concert with the Precision Link team the core supports identification of the right cohort for a study, sample and data collection, and IT support

How we can help with your research

The Biobank provides the following services:

  • Extract DNA: Our DNA extraction service is applicable to human blood (fresh, frozen, or compromised), buffy coat, and saliva.
  • Extract RNA: We offer RNA extraction using the PAXgene Blood RNA system.
  • Storage: Human specimens, including cells, fluid, nucleic acid, and tissue, may be submitted for storage at -80oC or liquid nitrogen (-190oC). This service is intended for one year or longer, short-term storage is not available.