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Inosine stoke image.

Earlier studies from our lab showed that inosine, a metabolite of adenosine, acts through a direct intracellular mechanism to stimulate axon outgrowth from neurons in cell culture1. We went on to identify the target of insosine as Mst3b (STK24), a protein kinase that is an essential part of the cell-signaling pathway through which many trophic factors promote axon outgrowth in culture and in vivo2-3. In vivo, we found that, after a unilateral stroke of the rat motor cortex, intraventricular delivery of inosine enhanced the ability of layer 5 pyramidal cells in the undamaged contralateral cortex to sprout axon collaterals into the denervated side of the spinal cord and improve skilled use of the impaired forepaw. This capacity was further enhanced by environmental enrichment or by combining inosine with a peptide antagonist of the Nogo receptor4-5. Additional studies showed that inosine promotes the formation of “detour circuits” in the spinal cord after transecting the corticospinal tract (CST) at the mid-thoracic level. Inosine enhanced the ability of transected CST axons to sprout collateral branches in the cervical spinal cord that formed synaptic contacts onto spinal interneurons that project from the cervical spinal cord to the lumbar level, thus providing indirect cortical input to the lumbar spinal cord and restoring some volitional control to the hindlimbs6.


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