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Three men and fifteen women in rainbow colored shirts

Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month and the Diversity of Human Mind

As April, Autism Acceptance Month approaches, the members of Faja Lab dressed in different colors of the rainbow to represent the spectrum of autism and celebrate neurodiversity as part of Faja Lab's tradition!

Three women in the park standing behind two tables with blue Boston Children's Hospital table cloths

Tabling at Boston Parks and Recreation Children’s Winter Festival

LCN hosted a table at the BPRD’s Children Festival during the February school vacation. We had so much fun playing brain games with children and their families, talking about our studies, and dancing to the DJ in the bubbles from our bubble machine. We also distributed free children’s books in English and Spanish, brain coloring sheets, mental health activity books, crayons, brain keys, and snacks. The children had a blast playing with bubbles and were delighted to meet Pom Pom, the penguin from the Faja lab!

Illustration of head with brain sensors and a cartoon pink brain winking. White box with verbiage " Welcome to the Faja Lab where we love to have fun with neuroscience!"

Fun with Neuroscience Field Trip at Faja Lab

In January, we had the pleasure of hosting another great group of 7th- and 8th-grade students from Driscoll School in Brookline, MA, for a Fun with Neuroscience Field Trip as part of their Science Solstice. During the field trip, students participated in various activities, such as hearing about Dr. Faja's path to becoming a neuroscientist, observing electroencephalography (EEG), and learning about psychophysiological methods of measuring heart rates and skin responses to understand stress responses. Finally, they practiced 'thinking like a scientist' and distinguishing between correlation and causation. If you are interested in organizing a field trip for your school, please contact


Woman with brown hair in business formal attire standing in front of a poster presentation

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

In October, Madison Surmacz, one of our research assistants, presented a poster at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s 70th annual meeting in New York.

One image of three men and five women on a patio outside. Second image of five men and twelve women together on a patio outside.

Dr. Faja Promoted to Associate Professor and Awarded Bridgemohan Chair

Dr. Faja was recently promoted to Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. In addition, she was awarded the Bridgemohan Chair in Developmental Medicine. Dr. Bridgemohan’s family, the Division of Developmental Medicine, and Faja Lab celebrated this honor along with Dr. Faja in May. The Chair honors Dr. Carolyn Bridgemohan––who was a dear colleague of Dr. Faja, an innovator, mentor, and passionate advocate for autistic people. Dr. Faja is eager to carry on Dr. Bridgemohan’s legacy through research in the Faja Lab and by mentoring others who will contribute to advances supporting improved quality of life for autistic people and their families.

Top left image of a woman pointing to poster presentation, top right image of a woman with a poster presentation, bottom right image of a woman with a poster presentation, bottom left image of eight women standing together smiling.

INSAR Presentations

In May, members of the lab presented seven posters at the International Society for Autism Research annual meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.

Two women standing on either side of a poster presentation

Four women sitting behind tables with blue table cloths with silver and blue balloons and a poster board.

Information Tabling Event

In recognition of Autism Month in April, Boston Children’s Hospital’s Autism Spectrum Center (ASC) hosted an information tabling event at the main campus on Thursday, April 13th, and in Peabody on Wednesday, April 19th. Sensory bags containing coloring pages, crayons, and a sensory fidget toy were distributed to families. The Faja Lab joined ASC staff and provided information to families and staff about participation in ongoing research projects.

Three men and eight women taking a selfie in rainbow colored shirts.

The Faja Lab celebrated Autism Acceptance Month by bringing the colors of the rainbow together in person this year!

Each of our staff members wore a different color of the rainbow to celebrate neurodiversity. The rainbow spectrum of colors is often associated with autism to represent the range of abilities and diagnoses within the autism spectrum.

Three men and eight women in rainbow colored shirts.

Woman with brown hair in business formal attire standing in front of a poster presentation

Meeting on Language in Autism (MoLA)

In March, one of our research coordinators, Aiko Jones, presented a poster at the Meeting on Language in Autism (MoLA) held at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

illustration of head with brain sensors on brain, pink data charts and cartoon men and women on either side. Below is the verbiage" January 2023 Faja Lab Winter Newsletter" in red and green.

Winter and Spring Newsletters

We sent a newsletter to participants in Faja Lab projects either in January or April. If you would like to receive a copy, please contact

SRCD Conference

Faja lab doctoral student, Melody Altschuler, presented data from the GAMES and EASY projects that demonstrated executive functioning profiles do not correspond to diagnostic classification among a group of 186 7–12-year-olds with no clinical concerns (n=76) or diagnosed with autism (n=42), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (n=28), or co-occurring autism + attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (n=40). The executive function profile corresponded with brain responses during a cognitive task, whereas diagnosis did not.


Group of over ten people in kayaks on the Charles River with Boston skyline behind.

Faja Lab goes Kayaking on the Charles River

In August 2022, we enjoyed a Faja Lab tradition of kayaking on the Charles. It was a gorgeous evening to be out on the water and a great chance to enjoy some time relaxing together.

Woman with brown hair standing with a powerpoint presentation.

INSAR Presentations

In May, members of the lab presented three posters at the International Society for Autism Research annual meeting in Austin, Texas.

Two images of women standing with a powerpoint presentation.