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Long-term hemophilia treatment could lie in patients’ own cells
March 3, 2020.  Nancy Fliesler, DISCOVERIES blog

Helping tissue grafts build a blood supply: Less is more
June 13, 2017.  Nancy Fliesler, VECTOR blog

Getting the most of mesenchymal stem cell transplants
July 9, 2014.  Joseph Caputo, VECTOR blog

Buddy system boosts stem cell survival
July 3, 2014.  Kevin Mayer, GEN News Highlights

Improving stem cells’ regenerative potential
July 1, 2014. Harvard Gazette

Research team pursues techniques to improve elusive stem cell therapy
June 30, 2014. Harvard Stem Cell Institute

Avoiding the needle: Engineering blood vessels to secrete drugs
November 22, 2011.  Nancy Fliesler, VECTOR blog

Drug-secreting blood vessels reverse anemia in mice
November 15, 2011. Boston Children’s Hospital, Newsroom

Endothelial, colony-forming cell (ECFC) transplants for gene therapy
October 13, 2011.  Science-Business eXchange (SciBX)

Study finds cryopreserved endothelial progenitor cells phenotypically identical to non-frozen
May 12, 2011.  Cell Transplantation Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair

A phat cell-based technology for plastic surgery
February 8, 2011.  Maude Tessier, VECTOR blog


Bayer Announces 2014 Bayer Hemophilia Awards Program Winners
Five U.S. Researchers among Recipients of Prestigious Award
May 16, 2014. PR Newswire

Best Manuscript Award 2009
November 15, 2009.  Circulation Research, American Heart Association, Inc.