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Announcement • March 28, 2024
Len Zon was presented the annual $100,000 donation from Legal Sea Foods. See more on our Facebook page.

Publication • March 13, 2024
The Scientist highlights a study published in Science Advances by the Schlaeger lab that uses synthetic genetic circuits to uncover the OCT4 trajectories of successful reprogramming of human fibroblasts.

Publication • March 3, 2024
Drs. Carla Kim and Aaron Moye publish "Early-stage lung adenocarcinoma is driven by an injury-associated, plastic cell state dependent on a KRAS-ITGA3-SRC axis" which discusses cell plasticity in lung repair.

Announcement • February 23, 2024
Dr. Carla Kim's work to accelerate research for regenerative medicine approaches to help lung disease will continue in the coming two years with Longfonds. Read more.

Publication • February 22, 2024
Dr. Carla Kim publishes "Epithelial stem and progenitor cells of the upper airway" showcasing the upper airway epithelial cells and the literature detailing the identification and roles of the progenitor cells of these regions.

Announcement • Feb 15, 2024
Dr. Len Zon has been elected to the 2024 Henry Kunkel Society at Rockefeller University. Learn more.  


Publication • November 29, 2023
A new Science Advances publication, “Synthetic genetic circuits to uncover the OCT4 trajectories of successful reprogramming of human fibroblasts” by the Schlaeger, Del Vecchio & Collins labs reveals a need for supraphysiological OCT4 protein levels in Yamanaka reprogramming. Read their publication here.

Event • November 2023
On November 20th, the Stem Cell Program held the “Stem Cell Therapies Town Hall” sponsored by the Stem Cell Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Thank you to everyone involved in this event! See more on our Twitter page.
Before the event, on November 19th, some of the speakers and panelists gathered at Legal Seafoods Harborside for dinner! See more on our Twitter page.

Event • November 11, 2023
On November 11th, Len, and Becky Zon, along with Chloé Baron and Gabriela Arias Alpízar rode for Team Zebrafish at the BCH Ride to Cure Kids! Len Zon was this year’s key speaker. See more from Chloé Baron and Len Zon’s Twitter pages.

Event • October 31, 2023
The Stem Cell Program and Hematology/Oncology celebrated Halloween by throwing a successful Halloween Event with lots of desserts, costumes, and funny lab videos. Congratulations to our competition winners and thank you to all of our attendees!
Check out some of our desserts and costumes here.

Award • October 30, 2023
Aaron Moye from the Kim Lab received the LabCentral Golden Ticket, which will help support Cellforma, a start-up co-founded by Aaron, with Carla Kim. Read more on our Twitter page.

Publication • October 17, 2023
The Camargo Lab publishes “A mouse model with high clonal barcode diversity for joint lineage, transcriptomic, and epigenomic profiling in single cells” in Cell. Read their publication here.

Event • October 2023
On October 17th the Stem Cell Program, supported by the Harvard Initiative for RNA Medicine (HIRM), hosted the RNA Biology and Disease Symposium. Thank you to everyone involved! See more on our Twitter page.
Following the event, some of the speakers gathered at Abe & Louie's in Boston for a delicious dinner. See more on our Twitter page.

Award • September 27, 2023
Len Zon was named the 2023 recipient of the EvansMDS Discovery Research Grant, which will help study a new quality assurance mechanism for stem cells to help find potential therapies for MDS. Learn more about Len and his research.

Award • September 13, 2023
Ran Jing from the Daley Lab receives the Pathway to Independence Award from the NHLBI. Read more about his research on our Twitter page.

Event • July 2023
For two weeks in July, Camp Zon hosted 38 high school students and 5 college mentors, who were able develop a research hypothesis, design laboratory experiments, and present their findings on the last day of the camp. See how Camp Zon 2023 went this year:  

Award • July 2023
Carla F. Kim, PhD was appointed the inaugural incumbent of the BCH Professorship of Pediatrics in the Field of Regenerative Medicine. Upon his retirement, it will be renamed the Leonard Zon, MD, Professorship of Pediatrics in the Field of Regenerative Medicine. Learn more:

Announcement • July 12, 2023
Legal Sea Foods donates $100,000 to the Stem Cell Program

Event • July 14, 2023
The Stem Cell Program enjoyed a fun day touring the city on a Duck Boat Tour!

Publication • June 2023
Len Zon and Elliott Hagedorn publish “Transcription factor induction of vascular blood stem cell niches in vivo” in Developmental Cell.

Learn more:

Event • June 10, 2023
Dr. Len Zon was honored by the Longwood Symphony Orchestra for his pioneering research accomplishments in stem cell biology and cancer genetics. Learn more:

Event • June 11, 2023
The Stem Cell Program participates in the BCH Eversource Walk for Kids

Award • May 2023
On May 9th, the Stem Cell Program hosted Stem Cell Research Day, featuring our keynote speaker, David R. Liu, and three abstract competition winners. Check out our award winners from Stem Cell Research Day 2023:

Publication • April 4, 2023
Len Zon, Sahar Tavakoli, and Amy Wagers publish “Transplantation-based screen identifies inducers of muscle progenitor cell engraftment across vertebrate species" in Cell Reports.

Event • April 2023
Stem Cell Research Day, May 9, 2023, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. featuring our keynote speaker, David R. Liu, and our three abstract competition winners, Chloé Baron, Brandon Gheller, and Aaron Moye. More details surrounding the event can be found here..

Award • April 2023
Len Zon gets inducted to the National Academy of Sciences

Publication • April 21, 2023
Leonard Zon and Megan Insco publish “Oncogenic CDK13 mutations impede nuclear RNA surveillance” in Science

Award • March 2023
Brandon Gheller, 2023 Recipient of the Research Grant and Fellowship Awards by the Prevent Cancer Foundation

Event • February 7, 2023
Esteban Orellana Vinueza of the Gregory Lab awarded the Damon Runyon-Dale F. Frey Award for Breakthrough Scientists!

Event • February 2023
Camp Zon applications are now open!

Announcement • February 2023
Save the Date: Stem Cell Research Day May 9, 2023

Event • January 19, 2023
Ryan A. Flynn, MD, PhD received 2023 Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award

Event • January 5, 2023
Richard White, MD, PhD presents at the 4th annual Barry Paw Lectureship


Announcement • December, 2022
Carla Kim, PhD appointed Regenerative Medicine Chair at Harvard Medical School

Announcement • December, 2022
Trista E. North, PhD promoted to Professor

Event • December 15, 2022
The Stem Cell Program celebrated holiday parties with Yankee Swaps and the Zon Lab enjoyed a holiday dinner at Bisuteki Tokyo

Event • December 10, 2022
Len Zon visits New Orleans for the American Society of Hematology

Award • November 21, 2022
Vijay Sankaran named the first incumbent and George Daley named the future namesake of the Jan Ellen Paradise, MD Professorship of Pediatrics

Announcement • November 17, 2022
Sam Wattrus from the Zon Lab completed his successful thesis defense "On the role of the stem cell niche in hematopoietic development"

Event • October 31, 2022
The Stem Cell Program celebrates Halloween with their annual Halloween Party with Hematology/Oncology!

Publication • October 14, 2022
Drs. Leonard Zon, Vijay Sankaran, and Jonathan Weissman Publish “Cellular barcoding to decipher clonal dynamics in disease” in Science

Publication • October 13, 2022
Drs. Leonard Zon and Julien Ablain Publish “Loss of NECTIN1 triggers melanoma dissemination upon local IGF1 depletion” in Nature Genetics

Event • September 29, 2022
The Stem Cell Program visits Larz Anderson Park in Brookline for their annual Stem Cell Day – Science in the Park mentoring event!

Event • September 28, 2022
Dr. Carla Kim celebrates the 16th anniversary of her lab by enjoying the beautiful weather, while apple picking with her lab members and their families!

Award • September 23, 2022
Dr. Fernando Camargo was honored at the HSCRB retreat in honor of him becoming appointed the first Regenerative Biology Endowed Chair through the Department of Pediatrics!

Award • September 23, 2022
Dr. Leonard Zon honored at the HSCRB retreat in honor of his election into the National Academy of Sciences

Publication • September 22, 2022
Sam Wattrus and Leonard Zon, et al publish “Quality assurance of hematopoietic stem cells by macrophages determines stem cell clonality” in Science

Video • August 24, 2022
Camp Zon 2022

Award • August 19, 2022
Dr. Leonard Zon Awarded 2022 William Silen Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring

Event • August 18-29, 2022
Camp Zon 2022

Announcement • August 9, 2022
Dr. Leonard Zon Throws First Pitch at Red Sox vs Braves Game!

Publication • August 8, 2022
Drs. Leonard Zon and Sara Rubin Publish “Single-cell analyses reveal early thymic progenitors and pre-B cells in zebrafish”

Publication • August 4, 2022
Dr. George Daley Publishes “EZH1 repression generates mature iPSC-derived CAR T cells with enhanced antitumor activity”

Article • August 4, 2022
Boston Children’s Hospital and ElevateBio plan to spin out a company based on newly published research

Event • July 20, 2022
Stem Cell Program Ice Cream Social

Podcast • July 9, 2022
Dr. Leonard Zon joins Martin Pera on to discuss his laboratory, scientific career, and research

Award • June 29, 2022
Dr. Ryan Flynn Named 2022 Rita Allen Foundation Scholar

Lecture • June 25, 2022
Dr. Leonard Zon Gives Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Award Lecture

Award • June 22, 2022
Fred Hutch, Cancer Care Alliance, Names Dr. Aaron Moye Recipient of 4th Annual Dr. Eddie Méndez Award

Publication • June 5, 2022
Dr. Fernando Camargo Publishes “Lifelong multilineage contribution by embryonic-born blood progenitors”

Award • May 24, 2022
Dr. Leonard Zon 2022 Recipient of Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Award

Award • May 3, 2022
Dr. Leonard Zon Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Award • April 29, 2022
Susanna Dang from Dr. Carla Kim’s Lab Awarded Landry Cancer Biology Research Fellowship

Event • April 14, 2022
Stem Cell Day 2022

Article • April 12, 2022
Dr. Carla Kim Talks about Exciting Future Research

Announcement • April 4, 2022
Legal Sea Foods Donates $100,000 to Boston Children’s Hospital

Publication • March 22, 2022
Dr. Carla Kim Publishes “Air-liquid interface culture promotes maturation and allows environmental exposure of pluripotent stem cell–derived alveolar epithelium”

Announcement • March 15, 2022
Dr. Fernando Camargo Appointed First Regenerative Biology Endowed Chair

Publication • March 7, 2022
Dr. George Daley and Arianna Markel Publish “Dipping a toe in the fountain of youth”

Award • February 25, 2022
Dr. Aaron Moye Featured in Research Science Network’s Minority Collection

Award • January 7, 2022
Liz Patton, PhD Awarded Barry Paw Lectureship


Event • September 23, 2021
Ice Cream Social at Kevin Fitzgerald Park

Publication • September 2, 2021
Drs. Leonard Zon and Alicia McConnell publish “Dissecting melanocytes to predict melanoma” in Nature Cell Biology

Event • August 12, 2021
Camp Zon 2021

Publication • August 4, 2021
Dr. Richard Gregory publishes “METTL1-mediated m7G modification of Arg-TCT tRNA drives oncogenic transformation” in Molecular Cell

Publication • July 1, 2021
Dr. Richard Gregory publishes “Genetic drivers of m6A methylation in human brain, lung, heart and muscle” in Nature Genetics

Publication • June 25, 2021
Dr. Leonard Zon publishes “Single-cell ATAC-seq reveals GATA2-dependent priming defect in myeloid and a maturation bottleneck in lymphoid lineages”

Publication • June 17, 2021
Trista North publishes “Sequential regulation of hemogenic fate and hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell formation from arterial endothelium by Ezh1/2”

Publication • June 4, 2021
Richard Gregory publishes “An Informatics Pipeline for Profiling and Annotating RNA”

Publication • May 17, 2021
Dr. Ryan Flynn publishes “Discovery and functional interrogation of SARS-CoV-2 RNA-host protein interactions” in Cell

Publication • May 14, 2021
Dr. Leonard Zon publishes “Cell-specific transcriptional control of mitochondrial metabolism by TIF1γ drives erythropoiesis” in Science

Publication • May 5, 2021
Dr. Richard Gregory publishes “Global miRNA dosage control of embryonic germ layer specification” in Nature

Publication • April 1, 2021
Dr. Leonard Zon and his lab members publish “A uniform format for manuscript submission” in Cell

Publication • March 18, 2021
Dr. Richard Gregory publishes “Nucleotide resolution profiling of m3C RNA modification by HAC-seq”

Award • March 16, 2021
Dr. Serine Avagyan from the Zon Lab awarded 2021 RRP-ALSF Early Career Investigator Grant

Award • March 16, 2021
Leonard Zon, MD receives Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Crazy 8 grant

Publication • February 2, 2021
Dr. Leonard Zon publishes “SATB2 induction of a neural crest mesenchyme-like program drives melanoma invasion and drug resistance

Award • January 21, 2021
David M. Langenau, PhD Awarded Barry Paw Lectureship