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Workshops Designed for International Fellows | Overview

English as a Second Language

This course led by Dr. Sonal Jhaveri runs for 11-weeks and focuses on culture, conversation and written English.

Visa and Immigration Series

Topics include 1) Travel and Re-entry; 2) The Two Year Home Residency Requirement; 3) Accident and Sickness Insurance versus Health Insurance; 4) Transferring your J visa to another institution.

Scientific Communication for Intermediate Level English Language Learners

This Eight part workshop led by Dr. Sonal Jhaveri aims to teach Scientific Communication, with a concentration on writing in the biomedical sciences. A combination of didactic instruction, peer editing,  in-class and homework writing exercises, and some speaking/listening will be used.

Conversational English for Advanced Non-native Speakers

This informal course will be led by Christine Sinclair The focus is on conversation, listening, understanding and speaking.  This will be an interactive workshop, using many forms of communication tools to assist fellows in practicing and building confidence. Each workshop will be limited to 12 participants.