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Selected Publications

  1. Spheroid mesenchymal stem cells and mesenchymal stem cell-derived microvesicles: two potential therapeutic strategies. L Xie, M Mao, L Zhou, B Jiang
  2. Stem Cells and Development 25 (3), 203-213. Circular RNAs: a novel player in development and disease of the central nervous system. L Xie, M Mao, K Xiong, B Jiang. Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 11, 354
  3. Signal factors secreted by 2D and spheroid mesenchymal stem cells and by cocultures of mesenchymal stem cells derived microvesicles and retinal photoreceptor neurons L Xie, M Mao, L Zhou, L Zhang, B Jiang Stem cells international 2017
  4. PTGFR and SLCO2A1 Gene Polymorphisms Determine Intraocular Pressure Response to Latanoprost in Han Chinese Patients with Glaucoma P Zhang, B Jiang, L Xie, W Huang. Current eye research 41 (12), 1561-1565
  5. Potential Biomarkers for Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma Identified by Long Noncoding RNA Profiling in the Aqueous Humor L Xie, M Mao, C Wang, L Zhang, Z Pan, J Shi, X Duan, S Jia, B Jiang