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  Dr. Lee research focuses on understanding challenges that we face as a system to integrate genomic and precision medicine into pediatrics and urology. His clinical research area focuses on improving surgical techniques and outcomes in exstrophy-epispadias complex.

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  Dr. Lee has a dual background in health services research and bioinformatics. He was an active member of the Dow Division of Health Services Research as a urology resident at University of Michigan. He then completed a Harvard-wide Pediatric Health Services Research (HSR) Fellowship to gain formal training in health equity and effectiveness. Dr. Lee dovetails his understanding of health systems and administrative datasets with an understanding of “big data” pertaining to biologic information. He is a graduate of the Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics Program at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, a rigorous quantitative program focused on machine learning, bioinformatics, and statistical genetics.

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