Growth and Nutrition Program

The Growth and Nutrition Program at Boston Children's Hospital is a multidisciplinary program, which includes doctors, nurses, dietitians, a social worker, behavioral specialists, and speech (feeding) therapists.  If your baby or child under the age of 6 has problems with feeding or weight gain, we can help you and your pediatrician by doing a full assessment and providing specific recommendations.

Our expertise

Established in 1984, the Growth and Nutrition Program at Boston Children's was one of the first multidisciplinary team programs in the country specifically devoted to feeding and weight problems in early childhood.  Our specialists include providers with special training in:

  • Gastroenterology
  • General Pediatrics
  • Developmental Medicine
  • Behavioral Psychology
  • Speech and Feeding Therapy
  • Early childhood nutrition

Did you know?

Our program is supported in part through a contract with the Department of Public Health, which funds specific Growth and Nutrition sites throughout the state of Massachusetts.