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Comparison of casting and bracing for the treatment of idiopathic early onset scoliosis


Scoliosis Idiopathic, Early-Onset Scoliosis Deformity of Spine

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Detailed Description

This study uses a multicenter, prospective hybrid research design, which will combine two methods of treatment assignment (randomized and parent preference) and an embedded internal pilot study for sample size re-estimation. Patients will be treated either with serial casts or a full-time brace and followed until curve resolution, failure or palliation (neither resolution nor failure after 2 years of treatment). Results of this study will provide clinicians and families with evidence to support informed treatment decisions.

Eligibility Criteria

Will enroll both patients with scoliosis and 1 of their parents/guardians

Inclusion Criteria:

Patient Inclusion

Diagnosis of idiopathic early-onset scoliosis
Child standing independently but not older than 3 years of age
20≤ Cobb angle ≤70° (largest structural curvature)
Rib-vertebral angle difference (RVAD) greater than 20 degrees or Rib Phase II
Parental consent to participate

Parent Inclusion

Parent or guardian of the minor subject
Consent to participate
Able to complete surveys

Exclusion Criteria:

Patient Exclusion

Previous operative or non-operative treatment for idiopathic early-onset scoliosis
Not independently walking by 18 months of age or other signs/symptoms indicative of developmental delay


Intervention Type

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Not Applicable



Min Age

12 Months

Max Age

36 Months

Download Date

November 28, 2023

Principal Investigator

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Lauren Hutchinson

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