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Transferring a Patient | Overview

Arrange an admission or transfer

Scheduled admission

If you need to schedule an admission to Boston Children's Hospital, and you do not have attending privileges, call the coordinator of patient placement (COPP) at 617-355-0000. To page the COPP, contact 617-355-6369, 24/7.

Emergency admission

If a patient needs to be transferred immediately to Boston Children's Emergency Department (ED) or ICU, call the Expect Line at 617-355-2170 (toll-free 866-771-KIDS), staffed 24/7.

Critical care transfers

If a patient needs critical care transport from another facility to Boston Children's, call 617-355-2170 (toll-free 866-771-KIDS). A fellow or attending physician will mobilize the Critical Care Transport team, discuss the availability of a bed and plan for interim stabilization.