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Closer to an answer for SIDS?

The cause of SIDS remains a mystery. Scientists think they may have found a promising new clue. Robin Haynes, PhD, is quoted. Research from Boston Children’s is featured.

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Marijuana linked to mental health risks

From NECN. Chief of Addiction Medicine, Sharon Levy, MD, MPH, is interviewed.

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Worried about your kids’ video gaming? Explore their online worlds yourself

From NPR. Michael Rich, MD, MPH, is interviewed.

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Best after-school snacks for kids

From Everyday Health. Yvette Penner, MS, RD, LDN, CSNC, is quoted.

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I’m an ER pediatrician. I won’t let my kid do these 5 summer activities

From NBC’s Today Show. Caitlin Farrell, MD, is interviewed.

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‘Once you start, it’s very hard to stop’: School diversion program aimed at curbing vaping

From NBC 10 Boston. Alicia Casey, MD, and Boston Children’s patient, Creed Stilwell are interviewed

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Mental health professionals answer parents’ top questions about kids and mental health

From ABC's Good Morning America. Patricia Ibeziako, MD, is quoted.

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