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Ana Ubeda Tikkanen | Education

Medical School

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

2004, Madrid, Spain


Hospital Gregorio Marañón

2009, Madrid, Spain


Research Fellow, Pediatric Cardiology & Pediatric Rehabilitation

Hospital Gregorio Marañón

2010, Madrid, Spain


Research Fellow, Pediatric Cardiology

Boston Children's Hospital

2012, Boston, MA


Clinical Fellow, Pediatric Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology

Boston Children's Hospital

2013, Boston, MA

Graduate School


Universidad Complutense of Madrid

2014, Madrid, Spain


Clinical Fellow, Pediatric Rehabilitation

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

2015, Boston, MA

Ana Ubeda Tikkanen | Professional History

Dr. Ubeda Tikannen has completed two research fellowships, and two clinical fellowship in pediatric rehabilitation medicine at Boston Children’s and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Her clinical practice and research interests are focused on improving the functional outcomes and quality of life for children with disabilities; more specifically those with congenital heart disease, heart transplants and VADs. Life expectancy of children with congenital heart disease has increased over the past three decades due to advances in clinical management and surgical fields. Many of these innovations have taken place here at BCH.

She has benefited from clinical training in Europe and the US and created the first Pediatric Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in the world at the Hospital Gregorio Marañon of Madrid before joining the teams at Boston Children's and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital to continue this exciting clinical pathway.

Ana Ubeda Tikkanen | Publications

It is an honor to work with kids who bravely face life-changing events and their families. My goal is to provide kids with cerebral palsy and congenital heart disease a personalized, multidisciplinary cardiac rehab program in the inpatient and outpatient setting to help them become independent and functional adults. It is a privilege to partner with leading experts at BCH.