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Elizabeth Erickson O'Neill | Education

Undergraduate School

Boston University

1993, Boston, MA

Graduate School

Purdue University

1996, West Layfayette, IN

Graduate School

Still University of Health Sciences, Arizona School of Health Sciences

2007, Mesa, AZ

Elizabeth Erickson O'Neill | Professional History

Dr. Elizabeth Erickson O'Neill started her career as a clinical fellow and eventually a clinic manager in private practice in Southern California. In 1998, she returned to the East Coast to expand her clinical experience in auditory evoked potentials, cochlear implants and OR nerve monitoring at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary where she was promoted to clinic manager. She In 2007, Dr. Erickson O'Neill started at Boston Children's Hospital where she is a member of the Cochlear Implant Team and F.E.A.T. (Family Education and Advocacy Team).

I believe in a family-centered, team approach of care that allows patients and families to be successful, grow and reach their potential while seeking care at Boston Children's Hospital. Listening, supporting, collaborating and providing excellent clinical care are key components for setting patients and families up for success.