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Zheala Qayyum | Medical Services


Zheala Qayyum | Education

Medical School

King Edward Medical University

2005, Lahore , Punjab, Pakistan


University of Connecticut

2006, Farmington, CT


The Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital

2008, Hartford, CT


The Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital

2009, Hartford, CT

Zheala Qayyum | Professional History

Dr. Zheala Qayyum is the medical director of the Emergency Psychiatry Services at Boston Children’s Hospital, and a medical educator. She is board certified in general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry and consultation liaison psychiatry. She received her master’s degree in Medical Education from Harvard Medical School.

Zheala Qayyum | Publications

It is indeed a great privilege to be able to bring the joy of play, curiosity and passion not just into our learning about children and adolescents, but also in our teaching. We hope to foster exceptional clinical skills and thoughtful inquiry in the next generation of child and adolescent psychiatrists, in order to provide the best care for our patients.