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Researcher | Research Overview

Dr. Greene’s research is focused on three main areas:

Vascular anomalies 
Vascular anomalies are a group of tumors and malformations that affect blood vessels. We are studying resected human lesions to determine their causative somatic mutation and the mechanisms responsible for their progression. Our goal is to develop novel pharmacological treatments for patients with vascular anomalies.

Lymphedema is a disease that causes extremity swelling. We have shown that extreme obesity can cause this condition, which we named “obesity-induced lymphedema”. We are studying the relationship between obesity and lymphedema.


Cranioplasty in young children is difficult because of limited autologous donor sites and the reluctance to use alloplastic materials. We have popularized and studied a cranioplasty technique we termed “particulate bone grafting”. We have translated our technique to an animal model and are comparing particulate graft to other cranioplasty materials.

Researcher | Research Background

Dr. Greene received his MD from the University of Illinois School of Medicine, and his MMSc in vascular anomalies from Harvard Medical School. He completed an internship and residency in general surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, followed by a plastic surgery residency with the Harvard Plastic Surgery Training Program. Dr. Greene has completed two fellowships at Boston Children’s Hospital, including a research fellowship in the Department of Surgery and a fellowship in Craniofacial & Pediatric Plastic Surgery.


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