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Molecular mechanisms of optical nerve axon regeneration and the brain targeting; the positive effects of zinc chelation and Nitric oxide on optic nerve axon regeneration and RGCs survival. .


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Hui-ya Gilbert received her B.S. in Medical Technology from Taipei Medical School in Taiwan and a graduate certificate in Biotechnology from Tufts University. She was a clinical microbiologist in Taiwan before came to U.S, and run confocal microscope core facilities in Boston Brigham and Women Hospital (BWH) and St. Elizabeth medical center before join the lab. She has also worked in a Biochemistry lab at BWH involving the studies of the vaccinia viral membrane biogenesis and phagocytosis mechanism of Macrophage.

Selected Publications

  1. Yiqing Li, Lukas Andereggen, Kenya Yuki, Kumiko Omura, Yuqin Yin, Hui-Ya Gilbert, Burcu Erdogan, Maria S. Asdourian, Christine Shrock, Silmara de Lima, Ulf-Peter Apfel, Yehong Zhuo, Michal Hershfinkel, StephenJ.Lippard, Paul A. Rosenberg, and Larry Benowitz Mobile zinc increases rapidly in the retina after optic nerve injury and regulates ganglion cell survival and optic nerve regeneration PNAS January 10, 2017 114 (2) E209-E218.
  2. Miguel A Marin, Silmara de Lima, Hui-Ya Gilbert, Roman J Giger, Larry Benowitz, Matthew N Rasband. Reassembly of Excitable Domains after CNS Axon Regeneration. Journal of Neuroscience 31 August 2016, 36 (35) 9148-9160.
  3. Takuji Kurimoto, Yuqin Yin, Ghaith Habboub, Hui-Ya Gilbert, Yiqing Li, Shintaro Nakao, Ali Hafezi-Moghadam, and Larry Benowitz. Neutrophils Express Oncomodulin and Promote Optic Nerve Regeneration. J Neurosci. 2013 Sep 11; 33(37): 14816–14824.
  4. Silmara de Lima, Yoshiki Koriyama, Takuji Kurimoto, Julia Teixeira Oliveira, Yuqin Yin, Yiqing Li, Hui-Ya Gilbert, Michela Fagiolini, Ana Maria Blanco Martinez, and Larry Benowitz Full-length axon regeneration in the adult mouse optic nerve and partial recovery of simple visual behaviors. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 2012 Jun 5;109(23):9149-54.
  5. Takuji Kurimoto, Yuqin Yin, Kumiko Omura, Hui-ya Gilbert, Daniel Kim, Ling-Ping Cen, Lilamarie Moko, Sebastian Kügler, and Larry I. Benowitz. Retino-thalamic axon regeneration in the mature optic nerve: Contributions of Oncomodulin, cAMP, and pten gene deletion.The Journal of Neuroscience, 17 November 2010, 30(46):15654-15663.
  6. Yuqin Yin, Qi Cui, Hui-ya Gilbert, Yang Yang, Zhiyong Yang, Cynthia Berlinicke, Zhiwei Li, Camila Zaverucha-do-Valle, Huamei He, Victoria Petkova, Donald J. Zack, and Larry I. Benowitz. Oncomodulin links inflammation to optic nerve regeneration. Proc Natl Acad Sci. Nov 2009; 106: 19587 - 19592.
  7. Zhang, Leiliang, Lee, Stella, Beznoussenko, Galina, Peters, Peter, Yang, Jia-Shu, Gilbert, Hui-Ya, Brass, Abraham L., Elledge, Stephen J., Isaacs, Stuart N., Moss, Bernard, Mironov, Alexander, Hsu, Victor W. A role for the host coatomer and KDEL receptor in early vaccinia biogenesis Proc Natl Acad Sci. January 6, 2009 vol. 106 no. 1 163-16.
  8. Barbara Balestrieri, Victor W. Hsu, Hui-ya Gilbert, Christina C. Leslie, Won K. Han. Group V Secretory Phospholipase A2 Translocates to the Phagosome after Zymosan Stimulation of Mouse Peritoneal Macrophages and Regulates Phagocytosis. J Biol Chem. 2006 Mar 10;281(10):6691-8.

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