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  1. Analysis of Outcomes from General Surgical Cases at Boston Children's Hospital. This project involves the creation of an integrated database that allows our research group to evaluate the relationship between patient personality types, anesthesia technique, and surgery VS. outcomes including short-term (PACU) outcomes as well as longer-term behavioral outcomes. This project has already yielded data comparing anesthesia/surgery techniques and parental satisfaction, patient personality and post-operative outcomes, and anesthesia technique and postoperative agitation.
  2. Our research group has created a national data-sharing group to evaluate the analgesia techniques and outcomes after chest wall surgery in children and adolescents. This group - the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Improvement Network uses an internet-.based data collection technology to aggregate data from 8 major pediatric centers across the country. 3. The outcomes group is pursuing a project 'The Pediatric Sedation State Scale' - in which we are validating a new scale that will codify the state of a child during a procedural sedation experience This project uses video of actual sedation encounters and allows grading of these videos by multiple sedation providers to compare the state of children during procedures.

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