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Researcher | Research Overview

Dr. Heeney conducts clinical research focused on sickle cell disorders and their treatment. He has been the Children's Hospital Boston Principal Investigator for several clinical trial consortia including the former Boston Sickle Cell Disease Research Network (SCDCRN), and Boston Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center (CSCC). He is also the Site Investigator for the multicenter SWiTCH and TWiTCH trials which are exploring the use of Hydroxyurea as an alternative to chronic transfusion for stroke prevention. He is also involved in early phase trials of prasugrel and regadenoson in sickle cell disease.

Dr. Heeney also conducts translational research in inherited disorders of iron homeostasis in humans. In particular he is interested in investigating the genetic basis inherited disorders of iron deficiency, sideroblastic anemia and iron overload.

Goals of Dr. Heeney's work include: to improve the understanding of the pathophysiology and treatment of sickle cell anemia through multicenter clinical trials and to elucidate the genetic basis of iron homeostasis and its role in human disease.

Researcher | Research Background

Dr. Heeney received his MD at the University of Calgary, Alberta, completed his residency at Montreal Children's Hospital, McGill University, and a pediatric hemotology/oncology fellowship at Duke University.


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