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Researcher | Research Overview

Dr Logvinenko has been a Senior Biostatistician at the Institutional Centers for Clinical and Translational Research since 2013. Since joining Boston Children's Hospital she has been working closely with colleagues in Urology division on a variety of clinical and basic science research projects. She is involved in all aspects of research studies, from study design and protocol development to data analyses to manuscript preparation. In addition she teaches yearly Biostatistics courses and provides statistical consults to hospital community.

Researcher | Research Background

Dr Logvinenko did her undergraduate studies in Mathematics at Kharkiv Univesity in Ukraine. She received her PhD in Statistics from Stanford University. Prior to joining Boston Children's Hospital as a Senior Biostatistician in 2013 she worked as a Biostatistician and faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital and Tufts Medical School. Dr. Logvinenko's research focuses on development and application of Statistical methods to clinical and basic science research, including bioinformatics.


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